04. Place, Persistence & The Pushcart: A Dialogue with Author & Writing Coach Steve Adams

Author Steve Adams

Author Steve Adams

Our guest on today’s episode is author and writing coach Steve Adams. Steve’s essay “Touch,” from the Spring 2012 issue of The Pinch, will be featured in the 2014 Pushcart Prize Anthology. Steve’s fiction has been published in Glimmer TrainThe Missouri ReviewChicago ReviewGeorgetown Review, and elsewhere. He also writes craft and process essays, one of which is forthcoming in Talking Writing. Steve has been a guest artist at the University of Texas and a scholar at the Norman Mailer Writers’ Colony. His work has been used as a teaching text at major universities and in public high schools, and he received his MFA in Creative Writing from The New School.

Follow Steve on Twitter: @iamsteveadams

Steve’s Website: www.steveadamswriting.com


[On his Pushcart Prize-winning essay “Touch”] “This particular piece–I knew it was good! But it was rejected by 18 literary journals before somebody picked it up.”

[On the importance of having a creative space] “There’s something about the space–and going to the same space over and over–that prepares you for writing, so that when you walk in there you’ve already started to transition to a creative state.”

[On being prolific] “I don’t think I’m prolific at all. I think I’m steady like an old tortoise. And that’s my secret.”

[More on being prolific] “It’s a habit. It’s so ingrained in me. I don’t feel right if I’m not writing.”

[On having a writing community] “You have to hold onto the people who are out there and who you know.”

Who’s Who

Tom Useted and Kristen Iversen — Editors at The Pinch

Valerie Laken — Author of Dream House, Teacher of Creative Writing at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

MFA Programs and Writing Colonies Mentioned

The New School (New York City, NY)

Norman Mailer Writing Colony (Provincetown, MA)

University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI)

Read More Steve

“Keeper” — originally published in Glimmer Train, reprinted in Redux

“The Fish” — originally published in Glimmer Train, read by Steve Adams at audio-lit journal The Drum

“Your Sanctuary” — craft/process essay on writing spaces in Glimmer Train’s Bulletin

The Pushcart Prize Nomination Process

“Little magazine and small book press editors (print or online) may make up to six nominations from their year’s publications by our December 1, (postmark) deadline. The nominations may be any combination of poetry, short fiction, essays or literary whatnot. Editors may nominate self-contained portions of books — for instance, a chapter from a novel. We welcome translations, reprints and both traditional and experimental writing. One copy of each selection should be sent. No nominations can be returned. There is no entry fee and no forms to fill out. We also accept nominations from our staff of distinguished Contributing Editors.” — Visit the Pushcart Prize website for more info.

Closing Quote

What little I’ve accomplished has been by the most laborious and uphill work, and I wish now I’d never relaxed or looked back—but said at the end of The Great Gatsby: I’ve found my line—from now on this comes first. This is my immediate duty—without this I am nothing.

~ F. Scott Fitzgerald (in a letter written to his daughter)

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