08. Breaking Rules, Innnovative Fiction & Writing in the Moment: A Dialogue w/ Author Jorge Armenteros

Author Jorge Armenteros

Author Jorge Armenteros

Jorge Armenteros is a graduate of Harvard University and a practicing psychiatrist. He recently completed his debut novel, The Book of I, about the inner turmoil of a painter with schizophrenia and his autistic alter ego. The book is forthcoming from Jaded Ibis Press in Fall 2014. (26:59)

Jorge was born in Cuba and grew up in Puerto Rico. He now divides his time between Florida, Georgia, and the south of France. In addition to his medical training, Jorge completed an MA in Spanish and Latin American Literature from New York University and, most recently, an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University. Jorge has published extensively in medical journals on the diagnosis and treatment of children with schizophrenia and autism. His author interview with novelist Laurie Foos was published in The Writer’s Chronicle. Another interview with Brown University Professor Thalia Field, whose work lives at the crossroads of prose, essay, poetry, even theater, is forthcoming from Gargoyle Magazine in Summer 2014.


on following his natural voice:

“I don’t feel comfortable when I’m trying to follow too many rules.”

on how his life’s work as a doctor of psychiatry affects his writing life:

“It’s a linear process of gaining experiences and I think at the end, the writer I that am now and [the writer] that I hope to become will be very much influenced by my own experience in the medical field.”

on recently taking up the violin:

“I’m naturally a very curious person; I’m always looking for challenges—intellectual challenges—that will keep me busy and entertained.”

on writing at 30,000 feet:

“It’s a very isolated place. Nobody calls you or bothers you. So there you are: 30,000 feet up in the air, which allows for a lot of interesting ideas to come…some of the big portions of [my ] books have been written in the plane.”

on writing in the moment:

“There is no plot that I follow, there is no preconceived idea. What’s going to happen today on the page is going to be determined when I am there writing on the page; I do not know beforehand. Every time that I sit down, it’s a mystery and a surprise to me.”

Who’s Who

Jaded Ibis Productions — Publisher of The Book of I

Lesley University Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing

Laurie Foos — Jorge’s mentor at Lesley University. He interviewed Ms. Foos for The Writer’s Chronicle, and an excerpt of the interview was reprinted by Goddard College. Read it here.

Thalia Field — Another non-traditional poet/author/artist recently interviewed by Jorge. Ms. Brown is currently an Associate Professor of English at Brown University.

Margo Berdeshevsky — The innovative author of, most recently, Beautiful Soon Enough

Virginia Woolf & William Falkner — Innovative authors in the literary canon

AWP — The Association of Writers & Writing Programs holds an annual conference. Jorge used AWP 2013 in Boston as an opportunity to approach the representatives of Jaded Ibis and talk about his manuscript, which they ultimately decided to publish. This year’s AWP conference will take place next month in Seattle!

Closing Quote

“What good is a writer if he can’t destroy literature?”

–“Oliveira” in the novel Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar

150years150stories_yosemiteMore Good News

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2 thoughts on “08. Breaking Rules, Innnovative Fiction & Writing in the Moment: A Dialogue w/ Author Jorge Armenteros

  1. What a super interview. Thank you Jorge. And thank you so much for your kind mention of “Beautiful Soon Enough.” I hope we may read and speak out together–when our forthcoming Jaded Ibis books, your “The Book of I” & my “Vagrant,” are published…For now, all good to you, & muchisimas gracias!

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