About Postmasters

The pleasures of writing are sometimes matched only by the pleasures of talking about it with your fellow writers. In that spirit, we offer you…

The Postmasters Podcast: Writing & Life after the MFA

books_martiniOur podcast began in July 2013. Each month, Audrey Camp and Lacy Arnett, friends and fellow graduates of the Lesley University MFA program in Creative Writing (’12), publish monthly discussions about The Writing Life, often including interviews with authors at various levels of personal success.

The main goals of our podcast are to:

  • Share our experience as writers who opted to complete a master’s program in our field
  • Discuss the practicalities of an active, productive writing life, both before and after obtaining a master’s degree
  • Offer our perspective on the low residency experience
  • Research the offerings of classic, full-residency university writing programs
  • Utilize our growing literary network by interviewing colleagues, mentors, role models, and legends, then share those conversations with a wider audience
  • Collect and share information about literary journals, writing retreats and conferences
  • Encourage one another, as well as other aspiring writers
  • Help maintain a positive outlook on an industry which, due to publishing company mergers and the self-publication trend, can sometimes seem daunting and cutthroat
  • Laugh a lot (as we usually do!)

Visit our Interview Archive for a list of past episodes.

Questions, comments or criticism? Let us know!

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