Interview Archive


Each monthly episode of The Postmasters Podcast is less than half an hour long and packed full of insights on the writing life!

26. Creative Cross-Training with Poet July Westhale
(July 2016)

25. The Parenthood Podcast: The Postmasters Talk Kids & Art & How to Deal with Audrey & Lacy
(September 2015)

24. Let Me Explain You: an Interview with Author Annie Liontas
(June 2015)

23. The Turner House: a Conversation with Debut Novelist Angela Flournoy
(May 2015)

22. The Selkie’s Daughter: Winner of The Postmasters Podcast Short Story Contest with Gina Grandi
(April 2015)

21. Flying & Throwing Pots: Thoughts on the Interdisciplinary Writing Life with Alisa Hagerty Miller
(March 2015)

20. Poetry & Social Justice: A Dialogue w/ Poet Enzo Surin
(February 2015)

19. Peace, Translation & Diversity: A Dialogue w/ Poet Andrea Beltran
(January 2015)

18. {Christmas Special} Gifts for Writers: Ask Audrey & Lacy
(December 2014)

17. Voices Not Her Own: A Dialogue w/ Author Frances Kay
(November 2014)

16. Practice & Patience: A Dialogue with 2014 Masters Review Author Drew Ciccolo
(October 2014)

15. Essay Therapy: A Dialogue w/ Nonfiction Writer Suzanne Hegland
(September 2014)

14. Mysticism & Maturity: A Dialogue with Author Stephanie Reents
(August 2014)

13. Thus Far: A Retrospective on One Year of Author Interviews with Audrey & Lacy
(July 2014)

12. The Replacement Life: A Dialogue with Author Boris Fishman
(June 2014)

11. Artistic Collaboration & Activism: A Dialogue with Poet Cameron Conaway
(May 2014)

10. The Map vs. The Compass: A Writing Therapy Session w/ Author & Psychologist Susan Schnur
(April 2014)

09. #readwomen2014: In which, Lacy and Audrey talk books
(March 2014)

08. Breaking Rules, Innnovative Fiction & Writing in the Moment: A Dialogue w/ Author Jorge Armenteros
(February 2014)

07. Life, Poetry & The Freak Show: A Dialogue w/ Poet Valerie Bandura
(January 2014)

{Christmas Special} A NaNoWriMo Debrief w/ The Postmasters
December 2013)

06. Running, Writing & Retreats: A Dialogue w/ Author Sarah Shaffer
(December 2013)

05. National Novel Writing Month: Join us for the Insanity!
(November 2013)

04. Place, Persistence & The Pushcart: A Dialogue with Author & Writing Coach Steve Adams
(October 2013)

03. Enterprise, Agency & Making Things Happen: A Dialogue with Author, Editor & Publisher Zoë Harris
(September 2013)

02. Writing, Identity & Sexuality: A Dialogue w/ Essayist Courtney Gillette
(August 2013)

01. The Road to Lesley: A Dialogue w/ The Postmasters, Audrey Camp & Lacy Mayberry
(July 2013)

00. Prologue
(June 2013)

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